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Paddle Boarding in Fiji

Learn to Paddle board on the clear tranquil waters.

We will have you launching your SUP board off the golden sand beach and heading out across the lagoon which is perfect to master new skills, You can opt for an instructer for the entire lesson and you can see the fish play in the reef below in the 1.5m deep water.


As you hone your skills there are small reform waves which wash across the upper lagoon which will act as the ideal introduction to catching and surfing the swells.

Down wind Paddle Board with 15 knots of wind behind you.

In the winter months of Fiji we have have strong trade winds blowing for up to 10 days at a time which blow cross shore along our coast. With the wind at your back it is the ideal for scenario for honing your down wind skills and catching runners of swell.


We have several different courses and distances  for you to try and it is up to you to paddle inside or outside the reef. We recommend paddling inside for those who are  still mastering the sport.

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